What kind of humanitarian are you?
How can you fight period stigma and help girls feel more confident?


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You can remove the hurdles in her way.
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What kind of humanitarian are you?
You can remove the hurdles in her way.

Let’s be real: Periods can be uncomfortable, messy and inconvenient. But they’re completely normal.

Yet not everyone agrees on this simple fact. And for some, periods can be an absolute nightmare – something that traps you at home for days or puts your life on hold entirely.

Why? Because some people:

– Can't afford the period products they need – this is called period poverty.
– Don't have access to private bathrooms or safe ways to dispose of products.
– Don't understand what they're going through and how to best manage their periods.
– Face discrimination or prejudice because of period stigma.

Together with Always, Plan International USA is fighting these challenges. We want to make sure that people who menstruate can confidently and comfortably manage their periods with the knowledge and supplies that they need. And we want to protect girls and women from period stigmas and taboos.

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Period poverty is a serious issue in the U.S. too. Menstrual pads and tampons are basic necessities, so why are they so expensive? That question is finally being addressed at the national level thanks to Congresswoman Meng (D-NY). She’s fighting period poverty and stigma with her bill X. This bill would xyz.

But for real change to happen, this bill needs to get passed, and that requires activists like you to speak up. Will you sign this petition to show your support for ending period stigma and poverty?

Brush up on your knowledge

It’s time for all of us to understand how destructive period stigma is and how we can put a stop to it. Plan partnered with Always on a new report, which is packed with data and reveals some surprising facts about period stigma and poverty. It even explores how COVID-19 is changing period experiences.

Inspire your friends to be changemakers like you

Plan can’t continue to fight period poverty and period stigma without supporters like you by our side. You can drive significant change for people with periods by mobilizing your family and friends through your own fundraising page! We took care of most of the work, so it only takes a few minutes to set up and launch a fundraiser. But the impact might last forever. Will you help us?



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The report is based on 11 studies fielded in the U.S. between 2014 and 2020, by independent research agencies, including Glocalities, an international research agency specialized in consumer values.

Stories are user-generated and are not necessarily endorsed by Plan or representative of Plan’s views.